Hannover Day 14

Only thee more days left to go and the end is in sight!, back to life and normality and Saturday.

The good news is that rubbing the oil on my back before bed seems to have worked a treat and I had long night of deep sleep, before treatment today.

it is to everyone’s surprise with the iv going in first time but we pray that it continues to do so until the end.

we had dinner at this lovely place called Pier 51, after treatment today and are now taking it easy.

I’m sad to say that the weather is very mild here and I can’t see snow in the future…what’s the point in being further up north and now snowy!!IMG_3631.JPG


Hannover treatment day 13

Not too much to report today. The Hyperthermia treatment that I’m having is giving me quite bad side cramps, and was doing so for the majority of last night, so I ended up taking a fair bit of morphine. As expected this was not ment to be, and as always it was rather quickly ejected.  The Doctor has given us some oil and stuff to massage my back with and that seems to help…plus it makes me smell all nice and lavendery. 

On a positive note,the IV line went in straight away today, which left me and the Doctor a little surprised!

The clinic was very busy today, full of people from all around the world, from the USA to Tunisia to Slovenia, the place is very popular and it’s quite interesting to just sit and people watch.

We decided it would be best for us to stay in for dinner, a rather traditional Spagbol. It went down very nicely, something that we haven’t had anything like recently and given last nights restless sleep we aren’t all that far of sleeping.

Tuesday tomorrow, one day closer to the end! 


Hannover day 12

I just had a bit of a nothing day today, I had a long lie in and a poodle of a PJ day. I’m often a bit tired after a full week of treatment, so today I had a nap in the morning and a family games day. It’s my last week of treatment before returning to the UK next week and I can go home to see my pets! We had a nice Sunday roast for lunch today, which went down a treat. This is really just a post to let you all know that I’m still here and doing alright, I will get back to later. 

Hannover day 11

So no treatment today as it was Saturday, which was nice and allowed us all to have a bit of a lie in. After a breakfast of smoked salmon and spinach, we decided we would venture out around the area and the nearby stores. Turns out, everything was a bit busy for us to cope with, so after a bit of a wandering we just sat down for a bit of lunch, deciding to try to do a bit more Christmas shopping next week.

My back was alright today, turns out that all of our minds are a lot more at ease since the Doctor told us it was just muscle pain and not my liver! I even got another piece of my art done!

I think we are just going to take it easy tonight and play a couple of games, maybe watch a film, especially because I think we are all still a bit tired.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas preparations. I just love how festive everything is this time of year! I think advent calendars, especially when filled with yummy chocolate, are one of the best things. My calendar this year is from Hotel Chocolate, dark as they don’t put dairy on it! And Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a red and green celebratory candle.


Treatment Day 10

Considering I had a rather rubbish night and painful morning of side cramps and waking up every other hour or so, I have had a lovely day.

Upon getting to the clinic the pain in my side had subsided, thankfully. We had assumed to be my liver processing my treatment. However, as it turns out, the pain is no where near my liver and is simply a build-up of my hyperthermia treatment, which they are now trying to dial down. They only did one part of my 2 hour session today and that seems to have solved it! IV straight after this and we were out by lunch! The vein’s didn’t do all that well today, we started on my left arm…had a couple of rather painful, failed attempts there and then, thank goodness, went through first time, rather precariously, on my right arm. On the bright side, my blood results came back today from a couple of days ago and they are all clear, my liver and kidneys and whatever are all good.

I was feeling pretty good after my treatment today, so we went straight from the centre to this Café place called Dean and David’s which does yummy homemade, gluten and dairy-free lunches, just down the road from the centre. IMG_3613.JPGI had this coconut milk, chicken curry, with rice and peas, served with a green juice. It did just right to fill the spot!

I must have been feeling better today because I have even had a bit of a pamper. I had my hair cut as we were wandering around, it’s hardly a big feat since its only just growing back from my treatment, so that’s all done ready for Christmas. IMG_3617.JPG

Those of you that know me, all know that if I don’t have my nails neatly painted then there is something wrong with me. Well, as of today they are back to their normal colourful decoration. While Dad wandered around me and Mum went into a nail salon next to where I got my hair cut and now they are all red sparkly ready for the festive season.

It was nice today to just get out and have a bit of a walk around Hannover, oddly the temperature is very mild here and very few of our thickest woollies have been worn.

To warm ourselves up a bit, dinner was a warm drink and a piece of naturally sweetened cake from Carrot and Coffee, before a bit of boot shopping for myself ;P!!!IMG_3614

Treatment Day 9

As we went out yesterday, we thought it best to stay in after treatment today, especially since my liver was being a bit of a pain. I had my hyperthermia treatment first again today, which is a bit of a pain considering the heat gives me a headache for most of the day.

I then proceeded to have my IV treatment, still the curcuma and vitamin B17, though they are still checking my blood from yesterday and plan a possible change of plan for my final week. I got the Doctor to put the line in my other arm today, for hope that it would hurt a bit less…well that didn’t really work but at least I have a break over the weekend

I have found that its best, towards the end of the week when all my treatment is backing up that I come to the apartment for a bit of a nap after the clinic, in order to keep me rested and pain-free.

I’m just going to have a bit of salmon from the other day and a egg for dinner as we are staying in, in front of the television today. We have found it best to save ourselves for the weekends. IMG_3608.JPG

Hannover Day 9

It is decided! My blog bear shall be called Pumpkin, after my Mum’s nickname for me!

As for my day today, it was another early start at the clinic this morning. I am definitely feeling better because last night was the first night I was able to lye down flat as I went to sleep, as previously my back has given me too much pain! My first treatment of the day was my hypothermia treatment. Great for a little nap, but the heat left me a little headachey. Before starting off my IV the Doctor decided to take some blood (quite a bit of blood), in order to test how much vitamin C I need. As always with my low blood pressure this left me feeling pretty low…my body doesn’t give up that much blood lightly!!!

After all that, they did my infusion and we were done for the day. I’m  feeling better now as I had some of the sleepy anti-sick and a little nap to rejuvenate.

We are getting take-out from this little Vietnamese place across the street from the apartment . It all looks so lovely!!!!!IMG_3612

Hannover Day 7 and 8

I’m sorry for my lack of posts over the last couple of days, I have been feeling a bit sick. Apparently you’re not supposed too eat certain foods, such as nuts, while getting the B17 infusion, which I have been . Oops. Anyway, it has passed now and I was back to a full day of treatment today, starting off with my hyperthermia treatment, followed by my IV and metal at the same time. It went in first time and was slightly less painful so the bruise must have healed slightly over the weekend.

Because we had an early start again, we went to Carrot and Coffee for lunch, which was very yummy, just like last time.

As I was feeling better we decided to do a bit of shopping…got to feed those withdrawal symptoms!  We went to one of the department stores near by, it’s like heaven. They don’t have as mega stores like that in England anymore, unless you go to London, shoes, dresses, handbags, sports, all in one place! I must be feeling better! I got a lovely dress from Desigual, which was right outside, ready for the Teenage Cancer unit Christmas meal, on the Ventura. I also got this little guy to be my blog IMG_3611.JPGmascot, in his little travel suitcase. He is currently unnamed so if you have any ideas either send me a message via wordpress, facebook or twitter!

Everything is lit up and so Christmassy over here. The place is filled with these little grottos selling hot punch which is lovely!

IMG_3609We are back at the apartment now and are going to have a relaxing evening, get our PJ’s on and watch a movie.

We have decorated our mini-Christmas tree today as not to avoid any bad luck for leaving it too late. And when I say mini, I mean mini! I think it looks cute!

Don’t you just love it when it really starts to feel festive, especially since we have all started our advent calendars. May the Christmas carols and excitement begin!!! IMG_3610


Hannover Day 6

No treatment for me today, which is good because my veins could do with a rest…that is one hell-of-a bruise on my arm! So today, as we didn’t have to go into the centre we had a fairly relaxed morning, taking our time getting ready.

DSC_0431.JPGI wanted to go to this  art museum that is right next to us, because I really like one of the artists who has an exhibition there, called Niki de Saint Phalle, as I plan to use some of her work as inspiration for my college project. It’s all so bright and colourful.

We also went to this lovely Italian restaurant/café place in the museum, which I have to say was hands down the best Italian I have had in a long time. The place was called ‘Bell’Arte’ and it was in the Sprengel Museum. I had ravioli with rocket, pine nuts and tomato all in a fresh  olive oil dressing, lovely and homemade!IMG_3602.JPG