Rick Stein Winchester

To mark the end of another week we decided we would go out for dinner in Winchester to treat ourselves. Winchester, being an old city isn’t particularly wheelchair friendly, and we had some difficulty finding a restaurant which had disabled toilets and wheelchair access. 

Originally we were trying to go to this place called Fish Tale only to be told they didn’t have a loo, which I was a bit upset and annoyed about. But in the end I’m glad it didn’t because the food at Rick Stein’s restaurant was better. 

I strongly encourage, if your in the area, that you pay this place a visit.  While the steps at the front might put you off, you only have to say and they are quick to whip out the ramp. Everything inside is flat and tiled and easy to manipulate around. 

They were very well set up for us, setting up a good, non crowded table, which was even wheelchair friendly as it didn’t even have any of those annoying bars under it that stop your legs fitting under.

Ok now onto the food, which I cannot fault at all. To start I had the Amritsari fish, which I wasn’t 100% what it was going to be. It was deep fried bass in chickpea flour sprinkled with curry spices on salad veg. I have never had bass before and had no idea what to expect but the batter was very light and I would definitely order it again. For my main I had the Grilled Miso Salmon, which was perfectly cooked and melted in your mouth. As this was a treat I hat to say that we did have pudding, though I did only have the fruit and sorbet. Overall a lovely night out! 





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