Debenhams Southampton 

Unrelated to the title, we brought our own lighter wheelchair today, since our one from the Red Cross needs to go back soon. We have brought a smaller, nice, light chair which is much better as mum can pick it up and manipulate it easily herself. 

Now, on to a more negative note but I can’t not share this, I had a rather rubbish experience of the disabled facilities in Debenhams Southampton with my Mum today. I went in to buy a couple of things with my Christmas money, some PJ’s, and a comfy dress. My first complaint is that I was not offered a disabled changing room. Luckily that wasn’t that much of an issue for me because I am still mobile enough, but still it wasn’t particularly easy in the little room…and some bars would have been helpful. When we asked if there was a disabled changing room we were told that there wasn’t one there, I feel that at that point they should have offered to open up another set of changing room where there was one but they did not. Thank you Debrnhams I just about managed to not fall over as I took my clothes off. 

I hate to moan more but it doesn’t end there. All I will say is it’s a good job that I am not an elderly lady that can’t hold it in because finding the toilet isn’t simple. Not only have you got to find your way to the corner for the lift but you also have to find a person to give you a special key to unlock the  door. I almost wish we hadn’t had to unlock that door! Those toilets were appalling. The assistance bar was unstable, the toilet was dirty, and there was no toilet roll.


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