Teenage Cancer Unit Christmas Meal

I had the TCU Christmas meal aboard the Ventura cruise ship in Southampton docks today, which was nice as it gave a bunch of us that meet up regularly all a chance to catch up and have a nice meal! We normally meet up every month and this was our last one before Christmas and was open to most people who have been on the ward. We all got little goody bags with Superdry watches for presents and P&O donated some pretty cool original sets of Monopoly to the ward.

While I had to admit the food I ate was not exactly diet friendly, you have to enjoy yourselves sometimes  and it was a charity event. We also had a tour around the ship before all the passengers got on which was pretty cool concidering we got to have a peak in all the expensive cabins and stuff before it got full.

To finish the whole day off we got to watch the show onboard which was good fun and put a smile on everyone’s faces. 


 Let’s just say I won’t be eating again for some time now!


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