Last Day

I did it!!! I finished it! 15 lines in 3 weeks and I am now looking at it from the other side! We are homeward bound tomorrow, packed with neuropathic drugs from the centre and a check up in a month or so time. I would like to offer out a huge thank you to who ever has been watching over me these last three weeks, because, contrary to usual, everything out her went pretty much the way it was supposed to. 

We went out for a celebratatory meal at Carrot and Coffee after treatment as a healthy treat I and a farewell for now, I suppose diet has been a bit lax while we have been here…with our reliance on our old friend chocolate. That all stops when I get home. I’m no longer getting tumour back pain so the exercise may begin…I have a couple of pounds of weight that are not welcome across the border! 

Plus I’m a bit weak with all this sitting down, so that will need addressing! 



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