Treatment day 15

The days draw ever closer until we can go home and start properly thinking of Christmas, though hopefully not too soon as I still have a lot of presents to buy!!!

There has been this America guy in the clinic these last couple of days, he is here with his Doctor and on a positive note, apparently the doctor has sent various of his patients to this clinic and swears by it, saying that you just have to keep persevering!

While my arm is looking rather disgusting, red and bruised, the IV’s are still going in so fingers crossed. I also wasn’t able to finish my hyperthermia treatment today because of pain, but they have turned the power down a bit now, so fingers crossed for tomorrow.

After treatment, we went into Old Town Hannover and had a bit of a walk and some Christmas punch, which was nice. The weather is so mild here its ridiculous. All I wanted was a bit of snow before we leave!!!IMG_3615.JPG


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