Hannover treatment day 13

Not too much to report today. The Hyperthermia treatment that I’m having is giving me quite bad side cramps, and was doing so for the majority of last night, so I ended up taking a fair bit of morphine. As expected this was not ment to be, and as always it was rather quickly ejected.  The Doctor has given us some oil and stuff to massage my back with and that seems to help…plus it makes me smell all nice and lavendery. 

On a positive note,the IV line went in straight away today, which left me and the Doctor a little surprised!

The clinic was very busy today, full of people from all around the world, from the USA to Tunisia to Slovenia, the place is very popular and it’s quite interesting to just sit and people watch.

We decided it would be best for us to stay in for dinner, a rather traditional Spagbol. It went down very nicely, something that we haven’t had anything like recently and given last nights restless sleep we aren’t all that far of sleeping.

Tuesday tomorrow, one day closer to the end! 



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