Hannover day 11

So no treatment today as it was Saturday, which was nice and allowed us all to have a bit of a lie in. After a breakfast of smoked salmon and spinach, we decided we would venture out around the area and the nearby stores. Turns out, everything was a bit busy for us to cope with, so after a bit of a wandering we just sat down for a bit of lunch, deciding to try to do a bit more Christmas shopping next week.

My back was alright today, turns out that all of our minds are a lot more at ease since the Doctor told us it was just muscle pain and not my liver! I even got another piece of my art done!

I think we are just going to take it easy tonight and play a couple of games, maybe watch a film, especially because I think we are all still a bit tired.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas preparations. I just love how festive everything is this time of year! I think advent calendars, especially when filled with yummy chocolate, are one of the best things. My calendar this year is from Hotel Chocolate, dark as they don’t put dairy on it! And Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a red and green celebratory candle.



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