Treatment Day 10

Considering I had a rather rubbish night and painful morning of side cramps and waking up every other hour or so, I have had a lovely day.

Upon getting to the clinic the pain in my side had subsided, thankfully. We had assumed to be my liver processing my treatment. However, as it turns out, the pain is no where near my liver and is simply a build-up of my hyperthermia treatment, which they are now trying to dial down. They only did one part of my 2 hour session today and that seems to have solved it! IV straight after this and we were out by lunch! The vein’s didn’t do all that well today, we started on my left arm…had a couple of rather painful, failed attempts there and then, thank goodness, went through first time, rather precariously, on my right arm. On the bright side, my blood results came back today from a couple of days ago and they are all clear, my liver and kidneys and whatever are all good.

I was feeling pretty good after my treatment today, so we went straight from the centre to this Café place called Dean and David’s which does yummy homemade, gluten and dairy-free lunches, just down the road from the centre. IMG_3613.JPGI had this coconut milk, chicken curry, with rice and peas, served with a green juice. It did just right to fill the spot!

I must have been feeling better today because I have even had a bit of a pamper. I had my hair cut as we were wandering around, it’s hardly a big feat since its only just growing back from my treatment, so that’s all done ready for Christmas. IMG_3617.JPG

Those of you that know me, all know that if I don’t have my nails neatly painted then there is something wrong with me. Well, as of today they are back to their normal colourful decoration. While Dad wandered around me and Mum went into a nail salon next to where I got my hair cut and now they are all red sparkly ready for the festive season.

It was nice today to just get out and have a bit of a walk around Hannover, oddly the temperature is very mild here and very few of our thickest woollies have been worn.

To warm ourselves up a bit, dinner was a warm drink and a piece of naturally sweetened cake from Carrot and Coffee, before a bit of boot shopping for myself ;P!!!IMG_3614


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