Treatment Day 9

As we went out yesterday, we thought it best to stay in after treatment today, especially since my liver was being a bit of a pain. I had my hyperthermia treatment first again today, which is a bit of a pain considering the heat gives me a headache for most of the day.

I then proceeded to have my IV treatment, still the curcuma and vitamin B17, though they are still checking my blood from yesterday and plan a possible change of plan for my final week. I got the Doctor to put the line in my other arm today, for hope that it would hurt a bit less…well that didn’t really work but at least I have a break over the weekend

I have found that its best, towards the end of the week when all my treatment is backing up that I come to the apartment for a bit of a nap after the clinic, in order to keep me rested and pain-free.

I’m just going to have a bit of salmon from the other day and a egg for dinner as we are staying in, in front of the television today. We have found it best to save ourselves for the weekends. IMG_3608.JPG


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