Hannover Day 9

It is decided! My blog bear shall be called Pumpkin, after my Mum’s nickname for me!

As for my day today, it was another early start at the clinic this morning. I am definitely feeling better because last night was the first night I was able to lye down flat as I went to sleep, as previously my back has given me too much pain! My first treatment of the day was my hypothermia treatment. Great for a little nap, but the heat left me a little headachey. Before starting off my IV the Doctor decided to take some blood (quite a bit of blood), in order to test how much vitamin C I need. As always with my low blood pressure this left me feeling pretty low…my body doesn’t give up that much blood lightly!!!

After all that, they did my infusion and we were done for the day. I’m  feeling better now as I had some of the sleepy anti-sick and a little nap to rejuvenate.

We are getting take-out from this little Vietnamese place across the street from the apartment . It all looks so lovely!!!!!IMG_3612


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