Hannover Day 7 and 8

I’m sorry for my lack of posts over the last couple of days, I have been feeling a bit sick. Apparently you’re not supposed too eat certain foods, such as nuts, while getting the B17 infusion, which I have been . Oops. Anyway, it has passed now and I was back to a full day of treatment today, starting off with my hyperthermia treatment, followed by my IV and metal at the same time. It went in first time and was slightly less painful so the bruise must have healed slightly over the weekend.

Because we had an early start again, we went to Carrot and Coffee for lunch, which was very yummy, just like last time.

As I was feeling better we decided to do a bit of shopping…got to feed those withdrawal symptoms!  We went to one of the department stores near by, it’s like heaven. They don’t have as mega stores like that in England anymore, unless you go to London, shoes, dresses, handbags, sports, all in one place! I must be feeling better! I got a lovely dress from Desigual, which was right outside, ready for the Teenage Cancer unit Christmas meal, on the Ventura. I also got this little guy to be my blog IMG_3611.JPGmascot, in his little travel suitcase. He is currently unnamed so if you have any ideas either send me a message via wordpress, facebook or twitter!

Everything is lit up and so Christmassy over here. The place is filled with these little grottos selling hot punch which is lovely!

IMG_3609We are back at the apartment now and are going to have a relaxing evening, get our PJ’s on and watch a movie.

We have decorated our mini-Christmas tree today as not to avoid any bad luck for leaving it too late. And when I say mini, I mean mini! I think it looks cute!

Don’t you just love it when it really starts to feel festive, especially since we have all started our advent calendars. May the Christmas carols and excitement begin!!! IMG_3610



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