Treatment day 5

I have made it to the end of my first week! And the good news is I have two days rest over the weekend for my veins to recuperate. I’m feeling a lot better than I was this time last week and I hope for this to improve.

As for how today went it was generally smooth, while they did get the line in my arm first time, it wasn’t without a bit of a wriggle around in bruised skin which really stings. You should be proud of me, I was very good as I tied to stay calm and not fidget.

I was actually looking forwards to my hypothermia treatment today as I didn’t get much sleep as the clinic opened early, and I needed my two hour nap!

The clinic is only open half days on Fridays so we got to leave around mid-day. This meant that we were able to go out for lunch. We went to this nice, little Vietnamese place. Everything was cooked as you ordered it, fresh and the duck I had was absolutely delicious.

After lunch we went to the Old Town Christmas market as they all opened on the 25th. It’s so nice to get all Christmassy, we even brought some little decorations for our baby tree out here! It was so nice and atmospheric in this little woodland grotto where we sat with a mug of hot punch (mine was non-alcoholic of course), all we need now is a bit of snow!!!!IMG_3598 (1)


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