Treatment Day 4

I thought I would startIMG_3586 of todays blog with a little bit about my diet, after all I can’t go through all this and undo it all by eating complete rubbish. The answer is kefir and grapefruit (if you are looking for information about what kefir is and its benefits then I have just shared an article about it on my wall.) Combine the kefir and grapefruit with some plain, crushed nuts, banana and some honey and you have a lovely and healthy start to the day.

Ok so now on to treatment. I am pleased to say that the IV went in first time again today, but its was a bit more painful as the skin and vein are a bit bruised. We have found that if I do my treatment with the metal and the IV at the same time we can really speed the day along…as will be needed for tomorrow because the clinic is only open for a half day. I will have to get up earlier but a least I can have a nice two hour nap during my hypothermia treatment like I normally do!

We went for a walk around the nice lake by our apartment today, so I must be getting more mobile. The doctor that looks after me also agrees that I am a lot better at walking around, so that’s always a positive! It was nice to get out and have a big, deep breath of cold, fresh air, especially when you have been inside all day!DSC_0413



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