Treatment Day 3

Ok, so maybe the first time IV line streak is over, but second time isn’t bad (it’s when it gets to third and forth that it starts to get too much.) Its all about staying relaxed and oddly I have been able to. My day started at 10 today with me holding these two metal rods which scan your body for toxins and stuff, similar to what my natural doctor does in the UK. I then went on to holding the metal balls again, like on my first treatment day, which apparently helps draw out metal in your body caused by radiotherapy.

We also found out that I’m low on vitamin D (aren’t we all this time of year?), so I have been prescribed some supplement tablets for that and various other things.

I then went on to do only half of my hypothermia treatment today as Wednesday is early finish and we still hadn’t done my infusion, which I think is the most important part of the treatment. It certainly makes me feel a lot better and is definitely working as I’m much more mobile and in a lot less pain than I was when I arrived in Germany. For starters, I can now walk faster than mum again, whereas before I could only shuffle, and I am no longer in pain after walking up the two flights of stairs up to the apartment.

After finishing at about 2:30 we went to this lovely café place called Carrot and Coffee, which serves lots of lovely vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free meals and snacks. The place specialises in using high quality and organic ingredients and only using natural sweetener. It was lovely. They do pure hot chocolate with a milk of your choosing, fruit and green juice, a variety of teas and even some non-alcoholic beer. I have to say we will definitely going back and I will thoroughly enjoy my naturally sugared, gluten-free cake for dinner!

I apologise it’s little eaten but I hadn’t eaten lunch and forgot. This is the Tempeh burger, it was beautiful and the first bit of proper veg we have had in a couple of days!

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