Treatment Day 1

Me again! You must be surprised…posting two days in a row after so long. Well anyway, today was my first day of treatment at the centre and oddly everything went alright…maybe the tables have turned at last!!!

So we got to the centre about 9ish, its roughly a five minute drive from our rented apartment and treatment started not long after that. We had a initial meeting with Dr. Peter Wolf to go over history to enable him to plan out treatment.

First off I had to sit  in this chair holding these two metal balls in either hand, if you have ever been to a naturopath before then this was very similar to their standard tests.  I then moved on to my infusions. Now this was the stage I was worried because they are given via IV, however the doctor came and did it first time (P.S- we maybe abducting him and taking him back to England.)  The whole thing lasted around 2 hours, with a slow drip of curcuma (turmeric), followed by slightly less of B17. B17 is made up of distilled apricot kernels. The B17 is harmless around normal cells but is broken down within cancer cells, making it highly toxic to them.

To finish off my day, I had something called regional hypothermia on my back. This is basically where they localised immense heat on areas of your body in a way that only heats up you inwardly, its kinds odd because you can’t feel it on the outside. The normal cells can handle this heat but the cancer ones cannot because of their mutations.

Now I have to admit that I was feeling a bit sceptical at first but I have to admit I feel a bit better already and it’s only day one. I think I have a slightly different type of treatment tomorrow so I will gat back to you after that!

hyperthermia centre hannover
Hypothermia-Centre Hannover

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