Hello everybody. Do you remember me? I am so sorry that I haven’t posted much over the past few weeks but things have been kind  of muddled.

As you know we spent the summer in France and that was all fine until the very end when my back started hurting, it turns out that my back tumor has spread further upwards.

Typical NHS told us there was nothing they could do that would be worth doing as I wasn’t paralyzed yet and that surgery would be too much of a risk because of the unhealed skin on my back that their radiotherapy killed. With no other alternatives we turned to the alternative, naturopathic centres here in Germany, where the doctors are trained both traditionally and holistically

We flew over from Heathrow airport at about 4 0’clock yesterday and our apartment is just a short drive from  there, central to the shopping area, which might I add looks amazing. The only trouble with going somewhere colder than the south of England for three weeks, is that there is a lot of luggage, all four large suitcases of it, for the three of us and we still need more…we will probably come back with extra!

Treatment starts tomorrow at the ‘Hypothermia  Centre, Hannover’!

I know it may be colder but you have got to love a bit of snow!

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