Mindfulness Colouring

 I have always liked to colour, there is something magical about picking out the right shade of red to compliment a certain blue, that calls out to the perfectionist in me. But colouring is not just for us perfectionists, as with the whole concept of a cancer diet, the idea of adult colouring has really taken off! Which might I add I am delighted about. 

All this hyp isn’t all for nothing, colouring really does clear your mind…well it does mine anyway…because it focuses your thoughts rather nicely on something specific and unlinked to the world around you, it places you in a different one entirely, if you let it. You can even do it while while watching the television or listening to music if you wish and that helps you relax.

Just ten minutes of colouring can make all the difference, enough to be seen as a meditative technique. It’s basically art without all the hassle and concentration of trying to draw!

If you aren’t already colouring then I strongly recommend that you start because, remember, your body functions best when you aren’t too stressed!

This is my last completed bit of colouring, form a book called Gorgeous Patterens. I used my precious collection of Stabilo 68 pens. This is one of my favourite colouring books as the pattern is quite small which requires quite a bit of attention but doesn’t take too long as most of the sections only need a single line to fill.


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