Moroccan squash salad

I apologise that I haven’t posted recently but I have been all over the place with starting up at college after the summer holidays and everything.

Ok, so this week we made another vegetarian meal from Riverfords, containing quinoa, tumeric, flaked almonds, butternut squash, red onion, spinach, lemon, parsley and mint, with a sauce of red wine, harissa and honey. So basically this meal is full of nutrients and everything you need to maintain a healthy, balanced diet.

There is something easy about these meals, all the ingredients come pre-measured and you just follow the easy step-to-step instructions, ending up with a delicious meal in the end. The only thing thats worth bringing up is that they say they it serves 2 but it could easily feed a family of 4!

I’m not going to write the whole recipe out for you as they tend to be quite extensive, however I am sure the recipe can be found out online at the Riverford website ( I also strongly recommend that you check out some recipies on there too, but I warn you now, some of the recipies contain gluten and dairy but these can be easily supplemented. 



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