Berry Cheesecake

IMG_3275 (1)
Cheesecake with sparklers for my birthday!!! :):)

Birthday cake number two was a gluten, dairy and sugar-free cake, that wasn’t actually made by me and Mum. Instead it was made by the amazing Val at our local restaurant Valfrescos, where we went for my birthday meal.

The recipe came from the Deliciously Ella cookbook and is made up of 3 different layers that all need separate freezing. Initially you must freeze 3 bananas, 200g of blueberries and soak 400g of cashew nuts for at least 3 hours.

For the base layer, place 300g of almonds into a food processor and blend until nicely crushed. Add 500g of pitted Medjool dates and blend until sticky. Press into a cake tin and freeze.

Next, make the middle layer by putting 2 of the bananas, the cashew nuts, 150ml of maple syrup, 100ml of fresh apple juice and a teaspoon of ground cinnamon into the food processor and blend until smooth. Take the base out of the freezer once frozen, and pour 3/4 of the mixture in before returning to the freezer.

Wait about 20minutes for the middle layer to set before starting the third layer. Simply add the other banana, the blueberries, 4 Medjool dates, 1tbsp of maple syrup, and a tbsp. of ground cinnamon, blend and add to the remaining 1/4 of the middle layer and add to the rest and freeze for 2-3 hours. Remove the cake a few minutes before serving. and top with any fruit that is in season.

Apparently, the cake is fairly easy to make but needs a lot of planning in order to cope with all the freezing. However, it is all worth it as the cake fits into the diet and is absolutely delicious.

A very, very big thank you to Val and Chris for a great meal and an amazing night for me, my friends and my family!!!!!!!!


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