Listening, not just hearing

I apologise for the lack of posts, however it has been my birthday and all my friends have been staying out here for a couple of days…but more on that later. I currently just have time for a quick little mindfulness post as we haven’t had one of them in a while. 

Apparently hearing is just being aware of the sound, while listening requires you to concentrate, so basically every teenager at school is just hearing information and not actually listinging or taking anything in (at least not for the first couple of lessons in the day), to put it into context!

The book recommends you practice your mindful listening ability with a friend, talking about basic topics like ‘the best holiday they have ever had’ or ‘how they would spend 5 million pounds’, this should go on for a few minutes and afterwards the listener must summerise what the other person said. The cruticial thing is to listen as if you were going to refer back, focusing your attention, helping you to listen and encouraging further communication.  



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