If there is only one post of mine that you pay any attention to then this is that one. I cannot stress enough the importance of drinking enough water and hydrating yourself. I should just add that this post is about fresh, natural still  water, and nothing flavoured of carbonated. 

My Mum is out in France alone, while me and my Dad are back in the UK, and this post goes out to her….as I shouldn’t imagine she is drinking much more than her morning green tea of a day. 

The benefits of drinking enough water are endless. Believe it or not drinking water can actually reduce water retention and aid digestion by helping to flush out waste from the kidneys, it can also help you loose weight by making you feel more full. Drinking water also maintains the body’s fluid balance, helping to transport nutrients and regulate body temperature (why do you think we all drink it when we feel sick?!) Water flushes out our body’s toxins, improving our skin health and giving us an energy and brain boost.

Now how do you work out how much water you need to drink?…after all you can still over fill on water. I have found it helpful to download one of the many free water apps available at the itunes store, which not only works out how much water I need and reminds me to drink it, but also grows plants that would die if I don’t drink my full amount. Sounds stupid I know, but its perfect for that extra bit of incentive. You can also calculate how much you need online by simply searching for your daily water calculator and answering some simple lifeatyle questions, such as your weight and exercise patterns.

It’s simple and it could have a big impact on your wellbeing, drink up people! 



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