I have recently started wearing my Fitbit Flex again, after giving up on it pre-diet. If you didn’t already know, Fitbit is a company that specialises in recording (whether it be your weight, sleep or activity) devices and allows you to set your personal goals, while adding a sense of competition between others. Mine measures activity, calorie intake and sleep.

I initially gave up using my device, simply because I kept forgetting to use it. But what I have realised now is that it is a great tool for someone on this sort of diet. Not only does it record all the above things, it also highlights those days when you haven’t exercised or that you ate too much. By telling you all this, it almost guilts you into feeling bad, which rightfully so it should as a cancer diet isn’t just for Christmas people…though one of these could be. 

I highly recommend this device as it is easy to use, relatively cheap for what it does and how long it lasts, comfortable and could help make you healthier! 

Oh and bonus…it comes in different colours!  



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