I know this isn’t all that related to the diet, but it is something that gets me stressed come exam time, so I guess it’s good to put it all out there. 

So Mum has me reading this book on Perfectionism because I had my memory tested by a psychologist and the scores came up as average, yet I reported that I was worried about exams because I couldn’t remember anything as well as I could pre-radiotherapy. It’s now been concluded that I’m a perfectionist and reading the start of this book I’m starting to realise that’s true. The book is called ‘OvercomingPerfectionism’, by Roz Shafran and it is split into two sections. One of which explains what perfectionism is and the other how to control it. 

I have just started to read it, but I hope it’s ok if I share my journey on here…so you can check I’m not being too picky with my work! 



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