Asian duck stir fry 

Here is what we had for dinner today. It started out as duck spring rolls, but we couldn’t read the back of the french rice pancakes so we resolved to try them again tomorrow. 

First things first, we marinated our duck in 3tbsp of tamari and 1tbsp of maple syrup, which gives it a really nice taste, we cut ours up in to small pieces to do this but do whatever you prefer. 

We combined our duck with mushrooms, garlic, leftover corgetti, some chilli salt and some noodles. Along with the left-over marinade, we used a sauce of a tamari,  balsamic vinegar, olive oil , agrave syrup and nut oil. How much you use of each depends on your personal tastes, but we used 1/4 of an American cup of syrup, 3tbsp of olive oil and another of nut oil, 2tbsp of tamari  and a tablespoon of balsamic. 

Very, very tasty and pretty easy to do.



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