Salmon and corgetti 

For dinner today we got some nice big pieces of Atlantic salmon from the supermarket here in France. Seasoned with a bit of salt and pepper they were delicious….just make sure they are cooked through.

We have all been very good with the diet over here today. Recently I have been feeling a bit bloated so while we are here for two months we are going to try to be extra good to continue to detoxify my body. My most recent appointment with the Natural Doctor highlighted that while my body had a much lower toxicity level there is still a way to go, and she recommended other methods of detoxing, such as massage…which I look forward to.

Ok, back to our meal. The salmon was served with some corgetti and mushrooms and some vine tomatoes. The yellow tomatoes available in France are absolutely amazing, so much better than the ones you get in England. Then again everything feels fresher here! 

As you can see the potions are nice and small…remember your stomach is a lot smaller than you think it is…and you don’t want to put any extra strain on your digestive system, remember small bites and lots of chewing help to…especially to all the men out there…eating is not a competition!  


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