Developing your ability to ‘read’ people

I know this sounds a little creepy but it is less so than it originally sounds.

Quoting Daphne Orebaugh, “the face is more honest than the mouth ever will be.”

I can really undertand this. My Mum has got to be one of the worst liers in the world. When she does try to do so she fails magnificently . If it isn’t her unusual high pitch that points it out, it is the raising of her eyebrows as her pupils dilate.

Ok, back to the point. This section aims to help you understand a person’s body language and thus apply this to their feelings. Not all emotions are easy to read, anger is obvious but what is the reaction linked to disappointment. As someone who has done a bit of drama in my time I consider myself to be alright at this, but how do you test? 

According to the book, we must practse our abilities at ‘reading’ others by observing people on a day-to-day basis, getting a sense of how they act and react. 

Watch interviews, dramas and documentaries on the television, turn down the sound and try to guess what emotions are being felt. just by looking at them. 

Search for a combination of expressions and gestures in one moment. You should try to niotice if what someone says matches their non-verbal behaviour and pay close attentention to changes in body language.

So, I guess that it isn’t that weird really. Just a bit of people watching, and who doesn’t enjoy doing that!  

I know this picture isn’t strictly that related to this post…but I like it and it is definitely something I believe! #mindfulness #shoes #heels @MyNewCancerDiet


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