Carrying yourself with confidence

What comes after improving your self-confidence? Carrying yourself with your new ease. #mindfulness #friends #confidence

The next section of the book begins with a quote from Mae West: “I speak two languages. Body and English.”

It talks about the connection between our body language and our mind, that we can directly influence the message sent to our brain by being aware of how we act. 

To look and feel more confident you are to try several things off this list:

  • Sit up straighter
  • Keep your head level
  • Relax your shoulders
  • Spread your weight evenly on both legs
  • If sitting, put you arms on the rests of the chair, rather than tightly at your sides
  • Make appropriate eye contact
  • Lower the pitch of your voice
  • Speek slower

However, don’t try too hard because you are likely to look more unnatural this way…we don’t want to scare anyone!!!

Another top tip from the book is to adopt a ‘Mona Lisa smile’ to create a sence of calm. You all know the Mona Lisa smile but not actually smiling, well apparently it can aid stressful situations by making you relax and breathe.


Just a little reminder with a friends quote thrown in!

Oh and on a side note, my scan results came back and nothing has grown, and the one in my head has shrunk….they say because of radiotherapy…I say because of diet…but pot-a-to, pot-ar-to, we agree to disagree! 


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