Bringing out your confidence

I hope you have all spent your day clearing your minds and not becoming preoccupied. I know I have been trying!

Ok, you all ready for the next section of the mindfulness pocket book? This one is titled ‘Bringing out your confidence,’ and aims to do what it says on the tin! 

Self-confidence can be lacking in those facing cancer, I’m sure I’m not the only one. Especially as a teenager, you don’t want to be the one with the weird scars, awful lifestory and no hair. Cancer can really make you feel low…especially if your on drugs with depression and low spirits as a side effect. 

“Mindfulness can help you be aware of these judgemental thoughts and how unhelpful they are.”

Three steps to put this in practise:

  • Primarily, to get yourself into a positive mind set. Focusing on your strengths and having a clear idea of the path you are taking.
  • Next, when you find yourself basing your beliefs about your abilities on what has happened in the past, stop and start again. Instead you should think about what you have learnt. “You can’t change what happened last time you did something, but you can change what happens next time.”
  • Finally, make a plan , think about the steps you must take to guide yourself through the difficulties. 

Solid advice I guess, relating this to real life, it seems to me that this is just like exams; you worry about them even though you have passed others, because of poor mocks, and then as they go on and you do well in the first one then the others get easier. #Mindfulness #Confidence 



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