Creating a mindfulness habit

Since I had my MRI scan today, and this isn’t exactly a stress -free event, I thought I would post my first section on the mindfulness pocketbook. 

The first activity to achieve mindfulness is to creat a mindfulness habit. 

The book describes the process of learning this tecnique to be “like walking through a field of long grass, each step helps create a new path and every time you walk that new path you establish a clear route wwhich becomes easier to use each time.” 

The pocketbook gives five methods of how to make mindfulness a habit:

  • First off, to set a timer on your phone with soothing tones. It also recommends ‘Mindfulness Bell’ apps, which reminds you to pause and think.
  • Next is simply putting a note on your bathroom mirror, an easy one!
  • Thirdly, you should decide to do things differently to experience different results, again writing reminder notes can help with this.
  • Then, making a mindfullness date with yourself, whether it be a short walk or a nice cup of GREEN tea.
  • Finally there is commiting to being mindful everytime you open the door, basicly thinking about clearing your mind with every simple thing that you do, feeling the wait of the action an doing it with purpose. 

Ok guys, that is all for today, just as a side note, we have no results for the scan yet and won’t do untill the end of the week but please keep your fingers crossed for no tumor growth!



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