Farewell France

I’m afraid we must bid a fond farewell to France…for now anyway. I apologise for my lack of posts this week, however we have spent this our time relaxing, having simpler meals, such as chicken sausage and salad…at least we have had our fair share of raw veg. I seem to remember my natural doctor telling me that you shouldn’t heat your veg over 30, except broccoli which you should never eat raw…for some reason. This ensures that you aren’t cooking the nutrients out of your veg.

However, one thing we have been doing a lot of is juicing. Today’s juice featured sweet potato, pineapple and lime with some fresh ginger (I don’t like ginger but apparently it’s very good…an anti inflammatory, I think). 

It was actually very nice and the only thing that gave away that sweet potato was present was its bright orange colour!




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