Why most diets fail

This isn’t just a diet guys…it’s a life change!

researchMy number one problem with all the diets out there is that no one diet will work for every person.

I also believe this is why they fail.

Lets face it- most of the people behind fad diets are out there to make money. Sure, some may have good intentions, but they are also business savvy.

In my opinion the only long term way to lose weight and achieve your fitness goals is education.

Read about different foods and what they do for your body. Read about good whole foods, read about processed foods and the effects they have on your body. Research what foods you should be including in your diet, and make a shopping list. For those guilty treats you adore, find healthier versions of them (for example, I love pancakes- I simply googled ‘healthy pancake recipes’ and hundreds of recipes came up so I still enjoy…

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