Everyone else is wrong.

Definitly important !!!

tofu quest.

In my last post I talked about diet, and how diet should be a personal decision because everyone’s individual needs, bodies and bellies are super different.

I truly believe that if something is working for you, but articles and blogs say that another lifestyle is better or that yours is wrong then you should just go with your gut. Literally. If your stomach is happy and everything is working correctly, that is that everything that goes in stays in and everything that comes out comes out in an appropriate time and …… density. Never a flattering topic of conversation. If everything is working well and you are functioning well then it doesn’t matter what everyone else says, because you’re healthy.

The same goes for exercise.

There are articles, and men’s magazines and websites are terrible at this, that will say “Do This Exercise to Shred Your Abs” and “Number One…

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