Cancer Pain – Cease the Pain Grow the Cancer

Jesicha's Hope

If someone gave you a prescription and told you it would make your tumor grow or worse would create metastases or stimulate progression of the cancer, would you take the drug? Most tell me: absolutely not – are you crazy? Yet, when I tell them their doctors are doing this routinely they draw back from me for daring to suggest their doctors are prescribing drugs that are increasing the cancer they are trusting the doctors to treat and shrink.

Cancer and pain for many go hand in hand. Bone pain is extremely painful, those with bone metastases as well as those with bone cancer find pain an unwelcome companion or more so an intruder. Pain after cancer surgery is always followed by the administration of opiates. Since this is the norm for cancer patients why should we worry or question what doctors are prescribing?

Morphine is the most common of…

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