London Restaurants 2 – Yauatcha

You know, now we are well into the swing of the diet, I’m starting to warm to the idea of vegetarianism…especially when eating nice meals like this. Ok Yauatcha @YauatchaSoho is a Dim Sum/Chinesey place. Now what we had wasn’t strictly on the menu as we asked for a set vegetarian menu. Everything was amazing but so so much food. Me and Mum both said that we needed Dad to hoover up our left-over food. I apologise that the mains are a little eaten but I forgot to take the photos before hand.


I have to admit this dish was by far my favourite. It tastes like the crispy chilli beef that mum likes only its Augbergine instead. Perfect.


 We didn’t get a chance to go up here but they also have a tea house and mini dessert cafe at the top of the restaurant (the main bit is in the basement). And though we didn’t have any the cakes look amazing. They also have some lovely macaroons (which we couldn’t help but take  few back to our hotel room! The Blood Orange flavour was my favourite.



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