Raw Chocolate Brownies

Another one from Ella @deliciouslyella….chocolate brownies…without any of the cooking needed. Perfect for our tempermental oven here in France.  


Now, for how this was made. Well first of all you need to pulse some nuts in a food processor (we did this in our nutri-bullet juicer, but I really wouldn’t recommend this, we just don’t have a large processor here in Brittany). The recipe uses pecans, we used walnuts and ground almonds (as long as you use 140g I don’t think it really matters). Oh and Ella’s top tip if your allergic to nuts is use sunflower seeds. When the mixture is all crumbly add 400g of pitted dates (we cut ours up small before doing so), 3 tablespoons of cacao, and you could add some maple syrup here, but I recommend tasting the mix before doing so as the dates make it pretty sweet…you can also use honey or agave syrup (the latter is easy to purchase of good quality, in France). Mix it all until it’s all sticky and push it into a baking tray. Freeze for an hour then move to the fridge. Once they have warmed up a bit, cut the brownie and enjoy!  



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