Blueberry (and strawberry) muffins

Hi guys, I hope you’re eating and resting well this easter…hopefully you’re not being too bogged down by the chocolate. This is part 2 of our meal yesterday and was very tasty indeed. I know the addition of strawberries is a little unconventional…however we only had 250g of blueberries when we needed 600 so a little inprovisation was in order! 

The recipe, from Ella again, made 12 muffins, however we made 12 ‘muffins’ and a bit extra.  


So how were they made? Well we used brown rice four but you can use buckwheat flour (400g) and as always preheat your oven to 180. 

Then combine the flour, a tablespoon of ground cinnamon, 300ml of almond milk and maple syrup, along with 120g of ground almonds (I think I may have already said this previously, while you can grind your own, only we have found that the flavour is better when they are already done). 

Stir all this up and add the blueberries (and what ever else you want to try , just as long as it adds up to 600g). On a side note don’t add any more fruit than this as ours were pretty fruity. 

Put the mixture in some form of tin…whatever shape you fancy trying (don’t forget to grease it if you have to, we even greased the non-stick muffin holders just to be safe!) and put them in the oven for around 45 minutes…Viola!!!  


P.S.- Cooking a little bit in the tin as shown at the top, cut it up and you have perfect little lunch box bites…like those big packs they sell in the supermarket only with real fruit, freshly made and with no processing!!! 


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