Turkey curry and spinach potatoes

Wow…I think that the question for today is what didn’t we cook! We had guests round and so we went all out. The first part of our meal was a curry…If your looking for the original recipe its in the Vegetable section of the Ella book, however we deviated from this quite a bit. 

First of all, while the book used potato, cauliflower and spinach, we just used turkey, a little bit of spinach and some wild rice…so whatever is left really. We made the sauce up with some coconut cream, turmeric (as always), cumin and ginger…how much you put in depends on personal opinion. We also added some almond milk, a couple of chillis, some salt and pepper and some dried chilli. Oh and some onion and mushroom. 

Sorry I don’t have any real instructions but we sort of chucked everything in, and the kitchen in France was a little crowded with three of us cooking on four small hobs with only 3 pans, so I wasn’t neccessarily there through it all.


Excuse the horrible tiles but we are currently building another kitchen here…they aren’t dirty, just old with dark grouting.

The potatoes at the front there are a little more true to there recipe…this one is from the River Cottaage Veg book. 

First cut up about 400g of new potatoes and boil for about 10 minutes and drain. 

Then wash the spinach thouroughly and put it in a saucepan, cover, over a medium heat, for a couple of minutes and then drain in a colander until cool.  Squeeze out and cut roughly. 

Heat some butter in a pan and gently cook an onion, once finely chopped, for 10 mins. The adding some garlic, chilli, ginger, other spices, salt and pepper. Add the potato and spinach, along with a couple of tablespoons of coconut cream. Then season. 

All the food went down a storm! I’ll blog about the muffins tomorrow!  


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