Easter chocolate

Now, I know this is a little unconventional concidering this is supposed to be a healthy blog…but if you can’t binge on chocolate at Easter then when can you! In my family we have rather unintentionally gone a little over board this year. See the thing is my Godmother always gets us tonnes of chocolate for Easter and Mum’s family bands together to get us some bits too, but what really set us back this year is kinda our own fault. First of all Mum brought both me and her these two dark chocolate eggs from New Forest chocolate, and they look amazing don’t get me wrong (the one in the plastic wrapper with the ribbon on top) only she didn’t tell either me or Dad that she had purchased them…so we went out to Montezumas in Winchester and brought a further egg for Dad, Mum AND myself (all there dark chocolate is milk free!), we also have a milk-free-milk chocolate egg from Hotel Chocolate (I KNOW, exciting! We discovered it in the station when I was on my way to Cambridge). We are well and truely chocolated out and will be eating it all until summer! 

Anyway, hope everyone is having a good time and enjoying there chocolate, do you have any fun easter traditions?! Have we got any different variations of easter egg lurking around?


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