Happy Easter

Hope everyone is having a good Easter Holidays…I mean lucky you if your not revising!!! 

Wow, I haven’t blogged for a long time, what hasn’t happend! I have started visiting my local natural doctor and have basically been told that no wonder I’m tired and not feeling great because my body is so chemically inbalanced from the radiotherapy its a wonder I can still move: my immune system is going down the drain; my thyroid is up (or maybe down…who knows?); something to do with my ‘lymphs’ (pardon my spelling, I’d kinda zoned out from all the technical talk by this point), but anyway I have been given one-hundred-and-one natural things to take at various intervals through out the day, either with or without food and hopefully its working! Oh and just a note from the Natural Doctor….NEVER eat raw broccoli and always cook with butter (I know, I know dairy, but just a little bit) because when you cook oils (even extra virgin) it changes the chemical make-up negatively…they are still fine cold on salads and things.


Brand new cookbook, just in time for the festivities , and this is a good one I promise you. Ella doesn’t eat gluten, dairy or meat (you can add your own if you want) and has some very tasty looking bread and cake recipies…all sugar free, instead favouring with our old friend the date. I have a funny story about dates. Mum ordered a bag online, thinking we would get a few dates to start is off, there must be over 500 dates in there! I don’t even like dates but apparently your supposed to eat like two a day. Fun. You will have to wait and see what we do with them over the next couple of weeks!



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