Buckwheat galettes

Sorry everyone for the lack of posts…I know this one is a bit odd for the early evening however I am starting to build up a backlog of pictures and this is first on my list. Now this recipe comes from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s River Cottage light & easy edition.

Now I know generally galettes are savoury and Fearnley-Whittingstall does them so, and in this particular case I did also, enjoying mine with a bit of grated, hard goats cheese.

However, I often enjoy a couple of teaspoons of fresh, organic honey on my galettes and have found this equally as tasty!
The recipe…to make 4-5 large galettes…uses 125g of buckwheat flour, a large egg, rapeseed/sunflower oil for frying and a pinch of sea salt. Put the flour and salt together and roughly whisk the egg in with 300ml of water (we now know my mother really does need glasses as she read 300ml as gloomy…and was yelling at me and dad to look up what gloomy water was!) and combine. Pour a ladle or so full into a pan and cook one side…we just do this for when it looks about right but Hugh says 2 minutes before flipping and cooking for another minute and enjoy!

Don’t worry if yours don’t look right first time…we have found that they really vary in consistency from time to time but with a bit of practice we seen to be doing ok!!!


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