Now I know this is a bit of an odd topic for a food blog but bare with me. I was just thinking, having cleaned my teeth, about my toothpaste…now this is not an odd occurrence…I often enjoy a good read of the back of my toothpaste packet when I’m brushing. I was reminded of a time when a fellow dieter asked me what kind of toothpaste I used…because sometimes it’s hard to find a good unprocessed one. Suddenly it dawned on me that maybe I should share this info with more of my fellow dieters. My magical natural toothpaste without any of the harmful substances found in normal toothpaste. It is made up of things like lemon, chalk, fennel and peppermint but leaves my teeth nice and clean and minty…my Kingfisher toothpaste!!!! Highly recommended and comes in different varieties if you don’t like peppermint.



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