Ten Acre Crisps

This is a packet of my new Ten Acre popcorn…this particular pack is fennel and lemon flavoured which, though interesting, is very tasty and for those of us sticking to a calorie count they are very low-cal!!!

The crisps themselves come in various different flavours, some conventional, others not…my favourite at the mo is the Bombay spice!!!! You will be pleased to know that everything sold by Ten Acre is gluten, dairy and MSG free…along with being vegan!!!


However, if you are following this diet from the perspective of a cancer patient then I would stick to the popcorn as it is more natural and less processed. In addition to this, popcorn is high in antioxidants and can help to regulate blood sugar and even prevent cancer!!!
They do not sell Ten Acre products directly from their own website (though it is still worth a look). I purchased mine from https://www.vegantuckbox.co.uk and the delivery was quick and reliable.
What is an even greater discovery is where I found out about Ten Acre! I have found the perfect magazine!!!! Vegetarian Living, which works for us as, if it is at all possible, they write down how their recipes can become dairy-free!!!



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