I don’t know if I have already discussed this matter…however recently I have been feeling as if I have been coming down with a cold. Despite this news this cold is no ordinary cold. You see my new colds only last for a couple of days, starting with a slightly soar throat, that can be tackled by simply drinking the right amount of water (should be around and over 2L per day). Then comes the nose but not in the way you might expect. Apparently it is dairy that causes our noses to block when we have a cold and when you are not consuming dairy of any form then you will never become blocked up and all that is needed is for you to simply blow your nose a couple of times a day. Now I know this sounds unrealistic…I thought so too, but me and my dad are living proof that this is the case…no more common colds just because of a change to our diet. These new ‘hybrid’ colds also last very few days as when you are eating a healthy diet this enhances your immune system and thus it acts at a much faster rate! So the trick is fuel your body well and there are a load of benefits!!!!


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