Pudding!!!….and soup

I’d just like to say that today we made our first puddingy pudding. By that I mean we actually managed to balance stevia, blended sugar cane and honey in a way that tasted like a pudding!

Anyway on to tea. Tonight we had a parsnip and tomato soup with chilli and onion and the addition of magic turmeric as always!!!

We also had beetroot crisps with dip, basically shredded beetroot cooked in the oven with some pepper! Easy and lovely!!!!!

Finally…the thing you have been waiting for…the lemon and blueberry polenta cake!!!! Apparently we are allowed polenta as it is made of maize flour which is gluten-free. As I have previously mentioned we made it with a combination of sugar substitutes, cane sugar, honey and stevia, all about 1/3 into around 75% of the original recommended amount of normal sugar. The Rapadura whole cane sugar was substituted into the mix as oppose to the processed alternatives. We brought this sugar at our local health store, the company on the packet is Biona organic if you want to buy yours online or near you. Reading the back, it says that it is the dehydrated juice from organic sugar cane and is perfect for baking, desserts and drinks. Blueberries add a nice bit of moisture to the mix and the subtle taste of lemon was just suited to my taste. Mum just found her recipe by typing in gluten-free vegan polenta cake, the exact recipe can be found on http://glutenfreevegan.net/food/recipes/desserts/lemon-and-blueberry-polenta-cake/.



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