Pear crumble + snacks

So mum made a lovely pear crumble a couple of days ago and I have had slices a couple of times. Its nice with a bit of alpro custard. Basically it has an oat crust and uses honey instead of sugar because any form of sugar is bad unless it is natural.

Pear crumble

So I was sat across the train from this girl today and she was eating a twix. This really made me crave some normal chocolate (not some dark chocolate that I can only eat in small bits that is dairy free). When I saw this girl it was my last day of treatment and I thought “hmmm….maybe I could squeeze a sausage roll in or something else naughty!” but then I started to break down what that sausage roll would be made of: a fatty, salt loaded pastry filled with processed pig and yet more salt. Anyway, the point of all this rambling is that a cancer diet is not just for treatment, or for those who have or have had cancer, it is for everyone and it is for life!!!

If you are looking for a snack that tastes relatively sugary (it uses dates instead of sugar which is actually nicer than it sounds) then we have found that Nakd bars are good as they are vegan and veggie and not processed!!!! They sell them all at most supermarkets (probably best to order from them from the online site, just type it into google). I have found that the cashew and the pecan flavours are the most tasty but its up to you to try them all yourself!!!!


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