Caponta with cauliflower rice

This was for tea tonight and I will start by describing the basics. The cauliflour rice, grind up the cauliflower and add dry toasted almond flakes, then cover the whole thing with a load of turmeric (the angel food that has been said to have the ability to kill cancer cells). You then steam this in the pan for about 5 minutes or you could just use more quinoa. The caponta is made up of various vegetable and herbs which are good at balancing vitamin levels within the body, this is especially important if you are undergoing treatment. The sauce was made up of the juice from the chopped tomatoes, some red wine vinegar and peso. Make sure to add plenty of garlic since it can help you feel better from most ailments. I thought that the 2nd Vegetarian meal from Riverfords this week (we have ordered a set) would make me want meat but I am now starting to realise I don’t actually need it as this meal was delicious. IMG_2155


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