My watermelon juice this morning (froth sieved off the top, I’m sure there is a proper way but we haven’t figured it out yet).

  Juices are a great way for fitting in your 5 a day. If you can stomach them, vegetable or part vegetable juices are perfect during treatment, if you have cancer or your immune system is down, though always use a juicer as the liquid produced in a blender is a bit thick. If you have cancer or are undergoing treatment it is a must to drink a glass of melon juice a day. Honey or Water, all melons are good and have a very low calorie count as they are mainly water but are all high in vitamins and antioxidants and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients (natural nutrients) (cantaloupe melon is one of the best) . Just remember you don’t down it all in one and the juice is pretty sweet and I know personally that I can sometimes react to this.

So to sum up juicing easily

  • You need a juicer, a blender makes a lumpy juice.
  • You must not keep juices, though I am going to try to take some to college in a flask, so we will see how that goes.
  • Feel free to vary what you use, I have found that I like an apple and pineapple juice. Just ad what you fancy and juice (though check your juicers of fruits you can’t use
  • Always read the instructions for your juicer as sometimes there are different settings for different fruits and sometimes you need to de-seed and other times you do not.
  • Melon juice is great for you.
  • Feel free to add honey or maple syrup if a juice needs sweetening. 

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