Wagamama / intro

OK so for tea tonight we had a little treat and went to Wagamama. Its a great place to eat on the diet because well the food is lovely. They also do soba noodles which can be gluten free and most of the milk used is coconut, though don’t use the soy sauce (even the lighter) because it is processed, soya sauce is better for you. Its also a great source of vegetables and fresh juices. If you do go here just be warned that they serve very large portions so you may want to share.

I also thought today I should give an outline of what my cancer diet consists of.

  • The first main thing is no dairy, this is fairly easy as alternative milks, butters and creams come in a variety of other formats, such as soya. I have yet to find an alternative to cheese…that tastes nice, I do allow the occasional section of goats cheese though.
  • No processed, packaged or microwavable food because they all have added chemicals.
  • Limited amounts of meat per week. No red meat or sliced meat. Also sausages and mince, unless homemade or from a very nice local butcher, are not allowed as they are also processed. I tend to stick to chicken and seafood. If you to have beef occasionally you must have it cooked all the way through and not burn it on the outside, its something about killing hormones. If you are on a prevention diet this is less strict.
  • No gluten, either a gluten free pasta or a vegetable alternative is an easy way of avoiding gluten and buy buckwheat and other forms of flour, such as corn.
  • No processed sugar, use honey, maple syrup, and cane sugar to replace and it tastes just as nice.

That’s all I can think of for now…trust me its not as bad as it seems!!!! No doubt more disallowed items will be gradually introduced.


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