River Cottage Canteen

I apologise for my lack of posts but I haven’t gotten round to posting recently since since the house is full of builders, working on our extension. 

This was our first visit back to this restaurant after last time. To start we had the vegetarian mezze for the three of us to start. Finally, mains we had the fillet steak with chips, potatoes, gravy and veg. 

Something that me and mum noticed is that we struggled to eat the meat with this as we weren’t used to the chewy texture.

The wheelchair access was great and the staff very friendly here. While under normal circumstances    , you would be able to enter the restaurant, however at the moment they are redoing the path, so with some staff help we were lifted in.

  Plus, they do fresh made fruit cocktails which are very nice.  

Rick Stein Winchester

To mark the end of another week we decided we would go out for dinner in Winchester to treat ourselves. Winchester, being an old city isn’t particularly wheelchair friendly, and we had some difficulty finding a restaurant which had disabled toilets and wheelchair access. 

Originally we were trying to go to this place called Fish Tale only to be told they didn’t have a loo, which I was a bit upset and annoyed about. But in the end I’m glad it didn’t because the food at Rick Stein’s restaurant was better. 

I strongly encourage, if your in the area, that you pay this place a visit.  While the steps at the front might put you off, you only have to say and they are quick to whip out the ramp. Everything inside is flat and tiled and easy to manipulate around. 

They were very well set up for us, setting up a good, non crowded table, which was even wheelchair friendly as it didn’t even have any of those annoying bars under it that stop your legs fitting under.

Ok now onto the food, which I cannot fault at all. To start I had the Amritsari fish, which I wasn’t 100% what it was going to be. It was deep fried bass in chickpea flour sprinkled with curry spices on salad veg. I have never had bass before and had no idea what to expect but the batter was very light and I would definitely order it again. For my main I had the Grilled Miso Salmon, which was perfectly cooked and melted in your mouth. As this was a treat I hat to say that we did have pudding, though I did only have the fruit and sorbet. Overall a lovely night out! 




Mushroom Pasta

Dinner today was Veggie bolognese, the recipe is from Riverfords . First of you need too peel an onion and carrot, washing a stick of celery and finely dicing an onion, a carrot and the celery . Add a diced onion to a pan with the carrot and celery and fry on a low heat. 
Meanwhile, peel and finely chop 2 garlic cloves. Wipe clean 200g of mushrooms and then slice. Rinse 50g of dark green lentils in cold water and drain. 
After 15 min, add 2 cloves of garlic, mushrooms, with some fresh mixed herbs to the onion mixture and slightly increase the heat. Stir before adding a table spoon of tomato purée. Stir.
Add 75ml of red wine and a tbsp of Worcester sauce and simmer for 2min. 
Add the lentils and a tin of chopped tomatoes. Add everything together and combine with pasta. 
It was very tasty and made a nice and healthy change after Christmas. 


Debenhams Southampton 

Unrelated to the title, we brought our own lighter wheelchair today, since our one from the Red Cross needs to go back soon. We have brought a smaller, nice, light chair which is much better as mum can pick it up and manipulate it easily herself. 

Now, on to a more negative note but I can’t not share this, I had a rather rubbish experience of the disabled facilities in Debenhams Southampton with my Mum today. I went in to buy a couple of things with my Christmas money, some PJ’s, and a comfy dress. My first complaint is that I was not offered a disabled changing room. Luckily that wasn’t that much of an issue for me because I am still mobile enough, but still it wasn’t particularly easy in the little room…and some bars would have been helpful. When we asked if there was a disabled changing room we were told that there wasn’t one there, I feel that at that point they should have offered to open up another set of changing room where there was one but they did not. Thank you Debrnhams I just about managed to not fall over as I took my clothes off. 

I hate to moan more but it doesn’t end there. All I will say is it’s a good job that I am not an elderly lady that can’t hold it in because finding the toilet isn’t simple. Not only have you got to find your way to the corner for the lift but you also have to find a person to give you a special key to unlock the  door. I almost wish we hadn’t had to unlock that door! Those toilets were appalling. The assistance bar was unstable, the toilet was dirty, and there was no toilet roll.


What is it about Christmas time that makes even the best of us excited, as we approach the 25th, time begins to pass ever slower. I’m such a child at Christmas time it’s unbelievable, but I love all the lights, colours and decorations.

I am proud to say that our tree is now complete thanks to Mum and looking lovely in the corner of the lounge, as usual! It is just rather tempting with all of those family presents underneath. Our tree is now fully loaded as I finished the rest of the wrapping yesterday.

   I also spent yesterday doing some Christmas crafts while listening to festive television.


Today we have been trying to get a bit more into the Christmas spirit , especially since, at last, we have purchased our tree…though it’s not quite decorated yet. I also spent the afternoon wrapping all of  my friends presents as I’m seeing them tomorrow, while listening to Christmas songs on the TV!

First off, today I had some physio which is good as they seem to agree that the pain I have been having in my back is due to poor posture and not tumour. They gave us some good tips on how to help me sit straight and I can’t wait to get started!


Teenage Cancer Unit Christmas Meal

I had the TCU Christmas meal aboard the Ventura cruise ship in Southampton docks today, which was nice as it gave a bunch of us that meet up regularly all a chance to catch up and have a nice meal! We normally meet up every month and this was our last one before Christmas and was open to most people who have been on the ward. We all got little goody bags with Superdry watches for presents and P&O donated some pretty cool original sets of Monopoly to the ward.

While I had to admit the food I ate was not exactly diet friendly, you have to enjoy yourselves sometimes  and it was a charity event. We also had a tour around the ship before all the passengers got on which was pretty cool concidering we got to have a peak in all the expensive cabins and stuff before it got full.

To finish the whole day off we got to watch the show onboard which was good fun and put a smile on everyone’s faces. 


 Let’s just say I won’t be eating again for some time now!

Last Day

I did it!!! I finished it! 15 lines in 3 weeks and I am now looking at it from the other side! We are homeward bound tomorrow, packed with neuropathic drugs from the centre and a check up in a month or so time. I would like to offer out a huge thank you to who ever has been watching over me these last three weeks, because, contrary to usual, everything out her went pretty much the way it was supposed to. 

We went out for a celebratatory meal at Carrot and Coffee after treatment as a healthy treat I and a farewell for now, I suppose diet has been a bit lax while we have been here…with our reliance on our old friend chocolate. That all stops when I get home. I’m no longer getting tumour back pain so the exercise may begin…I have a couple of pounds of weight that are not welcome across the border! 

Plus I’m a bit weak with all this sitting down, so that will need addressing! 


Treatment day 15

The days draw ever closer until we can go home and start properly thinking of Christmas, though hopefully not too soon as I still have a lot of presents to buy!!!

There has been this America guy in the clinic these last couple of days, he is here with his Doctor and on a positive note, apparently the doctor has sent various of his patients to this clinic and swears by it, saying that you just have to keep persevering!

While my arm is looking rather disgusting, red and bruised, the IV’s are still going in so fingers crossed. I also wasn’t able to finish my hyperthermia treatment today because of pain, but they have turned the power down a bit now, so fingers crossed for tomorrow.

After treatment, we went into Old Town Hannover and had a bit of a walk and some Christmas punch, which was nice. The weather is so mild here its ridiculous. All I wanted was a bit of snow before we leave!!!IMG_3615.JPG